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Standards Resource Directory

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The Standards of Quality for Family Strengthening & Support point us to ongoing reflection and deepening of practice for each of the 5 sections.  As such, the National Family Support Network formed a diverse committee of NFSN Member Networks to compile, vet, and select books, articles, trainings, and online resources for further exploration of them.  They are organized into the 5 areas of practice:

Family Centeredness: Working with a family-centered approach that values families and recognizes them as integral to the Program.

Family Strengthening: Utilizing a family strengthening approach to support families to be strong, healthy, and safe, thereby promoting their success and optimal development.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Valuing, respecting, and embracing families' diversity, and advancing equity and inclusion.

Community Strengthening: Developing a strong and healthy community by working collaboratively with various stakeholders and supporting families' civic engagement, leadership development, and ability to affect systems change.

Evaluation: Looking at areas of Program strength, as well as areas for further development, in order to guide continuous quality improvement and achieve positive results for families.


The Committee meets twice a year to review and vet additional resources for the Directory.  If you would like to recommend a resource for potential inclusion that addresses a section of the Standards, please submit it here. If you find an error, a dead link, or need to report a problem, please submit it here.

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