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Training of
Trainers Program


The Standards Training of Trainers Program builds the capacity of Member Networks of the National Family Support Network and the California Network of Family Strengthening Network to be able to conduct the Standards Certification Training. The program is designed to support Networks to take on a unique, essential, and ongoing role in their geographic areas for enhancing quality work with families.


Each in-person or virtual Training of Trainers Institute has a limited number of participants selected through an application process. The Training of Trainers Institute includes multiple days of comprehensive training, learning, and interaction with experienced Master Trainers. Training participants begin by reviewing adult learning theory, the history and vision of the Standards work, and being oriented to the Training Manual. Participants then observe a Master Trainer model each section, and practice teaching it back, receiving constructive feedback from the Master Trainer and their peers.  To become a Certified Trainer, participants need to be signed off as proficient in each section by the Master Trainer.


Participants who successfully complete the Institute will be certified to conduct Standards Certification Trainings. Certified Trainers maintain their certification through providing a minimum of two Standards Certification Trainings per year, receiving positive training evaluation scores, participating in the Quarterly Standards Trainers Learning Community, and payment of a $150 annual Trainer Renewal.


Please see the Training of Trainers Program Overview Document  for more detailed information including program tuition costs.


  • Be the designated provider of the Standards Certification Training in your area

  • Have the ability to conduct Standards Certification Trainings for Network members, partners, and other organizations working with families

  • Enhance capacity and visibility as a leader in the Family Support and Strengthening field

  • Have the opportunity to generate earned income

  • Join the cohort of Networks with Standards Trainers for peer learning and mutual support

  • Be recognized on the NFSN website as a Network provider of Standards Certification Trainings


Click here for information about how to apply to participate in the Standards Training of Trainers Program.

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