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The above map illustrates data on the Standards Certification Trainings nationwide.


Standards Certification Trainings Nationwide_6-1-24.png


Training is a fundamental strategy for implementing the Standards effectively. Training ensures a thorough and shared understanding of the Standards, builds connections and peer support amongst participants, and motivates teams to work collectively on implementing them.


The Standards Certification Training, developed by the National Family Support Network (NFSN), is provided virtually both by the NFSN on a monthly basis and by NFSN Member Networks in their geographic areas. The Certification Training is designed for all management and direct service staff, as well as for funders. Teams of Executive Directors, Managers, Coordinators, and Direct Service staff are highly encouraged to participate together, because each has a key role to play in implementing the Standards effectively.  Each participant who successfully completes the training receives a certificate from the NFSN that is valid for two years.  For information about upcoming trainings, please click here


Networks, funders, and organizations can contract with the NFSN to host a Certification Training for their stakeholders. Please click here to fill out the training request form. The cost for a virtual Certification Training is $7,500 for NFSN Member Networks and $8,000 for non-Members for up to 36 participants, which includes all materials.  For two Certification Trainings with up to 72 participants, the cost is $14,000 for NFSN Member Networks and $15,000 for non-Members.

“The most helpful new information that I learned was how to effectively evaluate programs and improve partnerships.”
– New Hampshire participant
“This training gave us validation of the work we do.”
– California participant
”I really liked learning about how I can better help families and in turn, help my organization.”
– Arizona  participant


Representatives of the Member Networks of the National Family Support Network and the California Network of Family Strengthening Networks can become Certified Standards Trainers through successfully completing a Training of Trainers Institute.  Click here for more information about the Institutes, which are offered four times a year.


Member Networks of the National Family Support Network and California Network of Family Strengthening Network can also contract with the NFSN to host an Institute. Please contact the NFSN Director for details.

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