Certification Trainings


This list of all Standards Certification Trainings currently scheduled to be offered includes whether they are open for registration to people outside of the Networks that are hosting them:

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​

  • June 29 & 30, 2021: NFSN Virtual Training - open registration - Register by June 18

  • June 29 & 30, 2021: Virtual Training - New York - closed registration

  • July 21 & 22, 2021: Virtual Training - Wisconsin - closed registration

Networks, funders, and other stakeholders can contract with the NFSN to host a Certification Training in their area. Please click here for more information. 



  • Arizona - Maricopa Family Support Alliance

Contact: Laura Burger Lucas, laura@familyinvolvementcenter.org

  • California Family Support Network

Contact: Debbie Comstock,  debbiecomstock7@gmail.com

  • Colorado - Family Resource Center Association

Contact: Teri Haymond, thaymond@cofamilycenters.org

  • Connecticut - Connecticut Family Resource Center Alliance

Contact: Gail Nolan, gnolan@blmfld.org

  • District of Columbia - DC Family Success Center Network

Contacts: Octavia Shaw, Octavia.Shaw1@dc.gov, Dominique Griffin Dominique.Griffin2@dc.gov

  • Florida Family Support Network

Contact: Trish James, JamesP@childrensboard.org

  • Georgia Family Support Network

Contact: Natalie Towns, natalie.towns@dhs.ga.gov

  • Kentucky Family Resource and Youth Services Centers

Contact: Melissa Newton, melissa.newton@ky.gov

  • Family Support Alliance of Maine

Contact: Denise Trafton, deniset@mechildrenstrust.org

  • Massachusetts Family Center Network

Contact: Kate Bullock, katherine.bullock@state.ma.us

  • Family Support New Hampshire

Contact: Maria Doyle, mdoyle@nhchildrenstrust.org

  • New York State Family Resource Center Network

Contact: Tamaé Memole, tmemole@preventchildabuseny.org

  • Ohio - Greater Cleveland Family Strengthening Network

Contact: Samantha Scheutzow, sscheutzow@ywcaofcleveland.org

  • Oklahoma - Family Support Network of Oklahoma

Contact: LaChez' English, LaChezE@health.ok.gov

  • Pennsylvania Family Center Network

Contact: Ennad Murrell-Merriweather,  ennad.murrell@pitt.edu

  • Texas Family Support Network

Contact: Jennifer Green, Jennifer.Green2@dfps.state.tx.us

  • Protective Factors for Utah Families

Contact: Debbie Comstock, debbiecomstock7@gmail.com

  • Vermont - Parent Child Center Network 

Contact: Margot Holmes, margoth@sapcc-vt.org

  • Wisconsin - Supporting Families Together Association

Contact: Connie Dunlap, connie@supportingfamiliestogether.org


Please see the California Network of Family Strengthening Networks website for information on Network Providers of the Standards Certification Training within California by region.


If you are hosting an upcoming Certification Training, please click here to complete the Upcoming Training form to notify the NFSN at least three weeks in advance.

Standards Trainers may access the Trainers Resources folder here.