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Standards Implementation


Some examples of the ways various stakeholders can utilize the Standards include:

  • Family Strengthening and Support Programs can use the Standards as a blueprint for implementing best practices, whether they are setting up a new Program or strengthening an existing one. Programs can use the Standards for self-assessment and to demonstrate the quality of their work with families. The Program Implementation Continuum illustrates how a Program works with the Standards over time in an ongoing multistep process.  

  • Direct Service Staff can use the Standards to reflect on, affirm, and enhance their work with families.

  • Networks of Family Strengthening and Support Providers can use the Standards as a tool for quality assurance, training and technical assistance, and capacity building for network members. Networks can include use of the Standards as an expectation of membership. The Network Implementation Continuum illustrates how a Network works with the Standards over time in an ongoing multistep process.

  • Policy Makers can endorse the Standards for application in their areas of influence.

  • Funders can adopt the Standards for use in requests for proposals, program monitoring, and quality assurance.

  • Families can partner with Programs to apply the Standards. Families can provide feedback about how well a Program is applying the Standards.


The following tools have been designed to support effective implementation of the Standards. It is highly recommended that teams complete the Standards Certification Training before using the tools in order to maximize their efficacy and value.  To access the implementation tools from the 2012 version of the Standards, please click here.

  • Program Assessment Tool – designed to be used for Program reflection by teams of managers, direct service staff, parent leaders, and other stakeholders as appropriate.

  • Staff Self-Reflection Tool – a set of self-reflection questions for staff members to use as a daily reminder to implement the Standards.


  • Standards Participant Survey – a set of questions for Program participants to indicate how well the Program is meeting the Standards from their perspective.  Find the Chinese version here. Find the Spanish version here


Standards Program-Level Implementation Successes

Is your Program doing great work implementing the Standards of Quality for Family Strengthening & Support?  If so, we'd love to hear about it!  The NFSN is looking for Programs with success stories of Standards implementation to highlight for a national audience such as presenting at an upcoming Webinar Wednesday, being highlighted in NFSN communications, or featured on the NFSN website.  Please complete this form to share your story.

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The National Family Support Network provides individual consultation to Networks and funders to develop system implementation plans for the Standards. Please contact the NFSN Senior Manager- Standards Training & Implementation for details.

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