September 2, 2020

Developing Family Support & Strengthening Networks: Where Do We Start?

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Whether you are a funder or a community-based organization interested in developing a Family Support & Strengthening Network, this webinar provides information and tools to support your next steps. The webinar includes a detailed review of two Network development continua developed by the NFSN. 

Presenter: Andrew Russo, Co-Founder & Director, National Family Support Network

August 19, 2020

Network Spotlight: Vermont Parent Child Center Network

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This webinar highlights the work of the Vermont Parent Child Center Network.


  • Amy Johnson, Vermont Parent Child Center Network and Northwestern Counseling and Support Service

  • Donna Bailey, Vermont Parent Child Center Network and Addison County Parent Child Center

July 31, 2019
Measuring Fidelity and Outcomes in Family Resource Center Networks: Insights and Opportunities

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​This webinar provides an overview of FRCs, presents a summary of outcome and cost savings data compiled by Casey Family Programs, and highlights the work of the Families and Communities Together (FaCT) Network of FRCs in Orange County, California. 


  • Paul DiLorenzo, Casey Family Programs

  • Peter Pecora, Casey Family Programs

  • Rachel Levin, Families and Communities Together (FaCT) Orange County, California

May 30, 2018
Funding for Systems Success: Investing in Family Support & Strengthening Networks

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This webinar illustrates the role of private foundations investing in Family Support & Strengthening Networks. Foundation representatives from Alabama, Colorado, and Ohio share their experiences and strategies for leveraging the collective impact of these Networks to coordinate support for families.


  • Elsa Holguin, Senior Program Officer - Child & Family Development, Rose Community Foundation, Colorado

  • Christie Manning, Senior Program Officer, Saint Luke's Foundation, Ohio

  • Sue McInnish, Executive Director, Alabama Civil Justice Foundation

NFSN Member Network Spotlights

These webinars highlight the work of NFSN Member Family Support and Strengthening Networks.

July 17, 2019

Network Spotlight: Connecticut Family Resource Center Alliance

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This webinar introduces the Connecticut Family Resource Center Alliance, comprised of 58 school-based Family Resource Centers that are funded and administered by the Connecticut Department of Education. 


  • Lori Borysewicz, Connecticut Family Resource Center Alliance

  • Gail Nolan, Connecticut Family Resource Center Alliance

  • Sheila Crocker, Parent Educator, Laurel School, Bloomfield, Connecticut

November 28, 2018

Network Spotlight: Seattle Family Support Network

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This webinar features the Seattle Family Support Network, which is funded and administered by the Seattle Human Services Department.  It highlights two programs that are part of the Network, one which works with fathers and the other with African immigrant families.


  • Ellen Terry, Senior Grants & Contracts Specialist, Seattle Human Services Department

  • Ann-Margaret Webb, Planning & Development Specialist II, Seattle Human Services Department

  • Jeanett Charles, Co-Founder, D.A.D.S.

  • Tsegaye Gebru, Executive Director, Horn of Africa 

September 19, 2018

Network Spotlight: Family Support New Hampshire

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This webinar spotlights Family Support New Hampshire, a coalition of non-profit Family Resource Centers and Family Support Programs founded in 1999.

Presenter: Karen Welford, Family Support New Hampshire

June 20, 2018

Network Spotlight: Colorado's Family Resource Center Association

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This webinar is an overview of the Family Resource Center Association, Colorado’s statewide member association of organizations providing a wide variety of services to families in 45 counties across the state. 


  • Mark Kling, Executive Director, Family Resource Center Association

  • Marie Mahan, Development & Marketing Director, Family Resource Center Association

October 4, 2017

Network Spotlight: Wisconsin's Supporting Families Together Association

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This webinar introduces the Supporting Families Together Association, Wisconsin’s statewide member association for organizations and individuals committed to making every early childhood a great one. 


  • Connie Dunlap, Family Engagement Specialist, Supporting Families Together Association 

  • Jill Hoiting, Co-Director, Programs and External Relations, Supporting Families Together Association

June 28, 2017

Network Spotlight: New Jersey Family Success Centers

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This webinar highlights the statewide network of 56 Family Success Centers across all of New Jersey's 21 counties funded by the Department of Children & Families. 


Presenter: Antonio Lopez, Administrator, Office of Family Support Services, Family & Community Partnerships, New Jersey Department of Children & Families

April 5, 2017

Network Spotlight: Family Resource & Youth Services Centers of Kentucky

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This webinar presents the work of Kentucky's more than 800 Family Resource & Youth Services Centers (FRYSC) which are integrated into the education system as student and family-level support.


  • Brian Akers, Coordinator Betsy Layne Elementary FRC

  • Leslie Hall, Coordinator, North Hardin FRYSC

  • Paula Hunter, Coordinator, Nicholas County FRYSC

  • Mary Ann Jennings, Regional Program Manager, Family Resource & Youth Services Centers of Kentucky

November 2, 2016

Network Spotlight: Alabama

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This webinar provides an overview and history of the Alabama Network of Family Resource Centers.  It includes the Social Return on Investment research that determined that for every $1 invested in FRCs, the state receives $4.93 in immediate and long-term benefits.



  • Robin Mackey, Alabama Network of Family Resource Centers

  • Sue McInnish, Alabama Civil Justice Foundation