November 30, 2022

Family Resource Center Learning Hub Launch

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What is the new Family Resource Center Learning Hub?

This webinar launched the Family Resource Center Learning Hub, a valuable resource developed in partnership with Families Canada by a diverse planning committee with the support of Casey Family Programs. The Hub is designed to provide tools and sample materials for those seeking to develop Family Resource Centers (FRCs). 

Introduction By:​

  • Peter Pecora, Managing Director of Research Services, Casey Family Programs


  • AndrewRusso, Co-Founder & Director, National Family Support Network

  • Kirsti Cheese, Community connector System Coordinator, Family Centres London/Childreach

November 9, 2022

Family Resource Centers: Supporting Teen Parents

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Why are Family Resource Centers (FRCs) an effective service strategy for supporting teen parents?

This webinar explores Family Resource Centers (FRCs) designed to support teen parents. FRCs in San Francisco, California and Baltimore, Maryland share their successful work with teen parents and their families. 


  • Carmella Davis, Parent Participant, United Way Family Center

  • Heather Chapman, Vice President, Neighborhood Zones, United Way of Central Maryland

  • Rosaura Diaz, Admissions, Data & Evaluation Director, Felton Institute


  • Robyn Shemwell, Administrative Coordinator, National Family Support Network

September 14, 2022

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Family Resource Centers: Engaging & Supporting Fathers to Succeed

How do Family Resource Centers effectively support fathers in their communities?

This webinar explored how Family Resource Centers (FRCs) intentionally engage and support fathers in their communities. FRCs in California, the District of Columbia, and Vermont shared their successful work with African American fathers, Latino fathers, and refugee fathers.


  • Francisco Ferrer, Program Coordinator, Edgewood Family Resource Center

  • Josh Miller, Executive Director, The Janet S. Munt Family Room

  • Alexis Thomason, Interim Deputy Chief, Family and Community Programs, Anacostia Family Success Center


  • Jennifer Green, Senior Manager - Membership & Events, National Family Support Network 

April 28th, 2022

Native American FRCs: Strengthening Families and Honoring Traditions

Co-presented with Casey Family Programs & Native Americans in Philanthropy

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How do Family Resource Centers support the strengthening of Native American communities?

There are numerous Family Resource Centers (FRCs) across the U.S. that have been developed by both urban and rural Native American communities. These FRCs support their communities through culturally-relevant programs, supports, and opportunities that honor and reflect their values and traditions. This webinar features two of them - the Forest County Potawatomi FRC in Wisconsin and the Hupa FRC run by the Hoopa Tribe in California. 


  • Katy Klos, Family Resource Community Coordinator, Forest County Potawatomi

  • Justin Shawano, Community Outreach Coordinator, Forest County Potawatomi 

  • Karen Kyle, Administrative Officer, Hoopa TANF 

  • Priscilla Masten, Resource Specialist, Hupa Family Resource Center 

  • Nikki Risling, Parent Participant, Hupa Family Resource Center 

September 29, 2021

Family Resource Centers: Supporting Grandfamilies and Kinship Navigation

Co-presented with Generations United

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This webinar illustrates how FRCs support grandparents and kin caring for children, highlighting New Hampshire’s effective leveraging of its Network of FRCs for federally-funded kinship navigation.


  • Joelyn Drennan, Senior Program Director, New Hampshire Children's Trust 

  • Kat Morris, Training Coordinator, FRC of Northern New Hampshire

  • Shannon Lavertu, Kinship Navigator, FRC of Northern New Hampshire

  • Ana Beltran, Co-Director, National Center on Grandfamilies Generations United


  • Julie Matusick, Senior Manager of Standards Training & Implementation, National Family Support Network

August 25, 2021

Report Release: Cost Savings FRCs Yield for Rural and Urban Child Welfare Systems

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How do FRCs save Child Welfare systems money and reduce families' involvement in them?  This webinar, co-presented by Casey Family Programs and the OMNI Institute, releases and discusses two new research reports detailing the return on investment of FRCs in Teller County, Colorado and Orange County, California.  


  • Melissa Richmond, Vice President, OMNI Institute

  • Sara Bayless, Director, OMNI Institute

  • Kim Mauthe, Teller County Department of Human Services, Colorado

  • Jodi Mijares, Executive Director, Community Partnership Family Resource Center  

  • Angela Pool, Parent Representative, Community Partnership Family Resource Center 

  • Jill Bright, Administrative Manager, Orange County Social Services Agency

  • Gina Nunes, Supervisor, Westminster Family Resource Center

  • Valerie, Parent Representative, Westminster Family Resource Center


  • Andrew Russo, Co-founder & Director,  National Family Support Network

  • Nicole Dobbins, Child Welfare Partnership Advisor - National SI Partnerships, Casey Family Programs

August 18, 2021

FRCs: Advancing Equity Every Day

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This webinar provides a framework of how FRCs advance equity through how they are developed, structured, work with families, and address systematic barriers and features examples of FRCs in Washington, DC, and San Francisco, California striving to end inequalities in their communities.


  • Julieta Dominguez, Senior Director of Family Services, Good Samaritan FRC, San Francisco, California

  • Cherie Craft, CEO & Founding Executive Director, Smart from the Start, Washington, District of Columbia

  • Corey Chandler, Learning & Development Consultant, National Family Support Network

April 28, 2021

On the Same Page: Family Resource Centers Co-located in Libraries

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This webinar highlights Family Resource Centers (FRCs) co-located in public libraries in Pittsburgh, PA, Gainesville, FL, and Phoenix Arizona. 


  • Danielle M. Gill, Family Center Coordinator, Greater Hazelwood Family Center, Pennsylvania

  • Pebbles Edelman, Senior VP, Clinical & Community Services, Partnership for Strong Families, Florida

  • Diane Johnson, Library Manager, Cone Park Branch, Florida

  • Wendy Resnik, Children and Teen Services Coordinator, Phoenix Public Library, Arizona

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January 27, 2021

Having their Moment: How the Pandemic Has Spotlighted the Value of Family Resource Centers

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This webinar provides an overview of how FRCs’ pandemic response has raised their profile. 


  • Dan Johnson (R), Utah State Representative

  • Merritt Beckett, Senior Program Manager, California Family Resource Association (CFRA)

  • B. Estela Camacho, Family Resource Center Director, Morris Street School, Connecticut


  • Andrew Russo, Co-Founder & Director, National Family Support Network


​October 28, 2020

Utilizing Casey Family Programs’ Community Opportunity Map to Support Family Resource Centers

Webinar Link • Materials Link

This webinar provides an overview of Casey Family Programs’ Community Opportunity Map and illustrate how it can be leveraged to support Family Resource Centers.


  • Kirk O'Brien, Ph.D. , Senior Director, Research Services, Casey Family Programs

  • Whitney Rostad, Ph.D., Senior Research Associate , Research Services, Casey Family Program

  • Patty Carroll, Director of Communications & Engagement , Partnership for Strong Families, Inc., Florida


June 17, 2020

Exploring the Impact of Family Resource Centers on School Readiness

Webinar Link • Materials Link

This webinar details the investment in, work of, and data from a county-wide network of FRCs in rural Siskiyou, California on increasing school readiness. 


  • Karen Pautz, Executive Director, First 5 Siskiyou Children and Families Commission

  • Michelle O’Gorman, Executive Director, Siskiyou Community Resource Collaborative

  • Lisa Colvig-Niclai, Vice President of Evaluation, Applied Survey Research

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May 27, 2020

Rebuilding Hope: Family Resource Centers and Disaster Response

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​This webinar shares the experiences, reflections, and insights from FRCs in effectively responding to the 2011 Tuscaloosa–Birmingham tornado, Hurricane Sandy in 2012, and North Bay Wildfires in 2017


  • Alissa Abdo, Executive Director, On the Move, California,

  • Amanda Lightsey, Executive Director, Tuscaloosa’s One Place, Alabama

  • Ana Martinez, Division Director, Family Success Centers Prevention Links Inc., New Jersey


April 29, 2020

Supporting Families with Opiate Use Disorder through Family Resource Centers

Webinar Link • Materials Link

This webinar provides an overview of an initiative in Pennsylvania that has provided capacity-building funding to FRCs to engage and support families struggling with Opiate Use Disorder/Substance Use Disorder through home visiting, featuring a case study of the Columbia County Family Center.


  • Andrew Dietz, Family Support Program Manager, Office of Child Development 
    Early Learning, Bureau of Early Intervention Services and Family Supports, Pennsylvania Departments of Education and Human Services 

  • Ashley Mensch, Director, Columbia County Family Centers

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April 22, 2020

Family Resource Centers and Family Engagement

Co-presented with the National Association for Family, School and Community Engagement (NAFSCE)

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As the education field focuses on effective family engagement, understanding how Family Resource Centers (FRCs) support schools in this effort is especially timely. This webinar highlights the role of FRCs in relation to student and family success across the country, featuring a case study from the 856 school-based Family Resource & Youth Services Centers of Kentucky


  • Vito Borrello, Executive Director, National Association for Family, School, and Community Engagement 

  • Andrew Russo, Co-Founder & Director, National Family Support Network

  • Mary Ann Jennings, Assistant Director, Division of Family Resource and Youth Services Centers, Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services

  • Shannon Pfaff, Principal, Southside Elementary School

  • Beth Cathcart, Coordinator, Southside Family Resource Center

March 18, 2020

Exploring Family Resource Centers in Relation to Child Welfare and the Family First Act

Webinar Link • Materials Link

This webinar illustrates the role of FRCs in relation to child welfare, featuring a case study from Colorado. Since Teller County moved to a differential response model in 2016 that utilizes a FRC, its child abuse rate has had a 57.7% reduction.


  • Andrew Russo, Co-Founder & Director, National Family Support Network

  • Kim Mauthe, Director, Teller County Department of Human Services, Colorado

  • Jodi Mijares, Executive Director, Community Partnership Family Resource Center 


October 16, 2019

Understanding and Working Effectively with Grandparents through Family Resource Centers

Co-presented with Zero to Three

Webinar Link • Materials Link

​​This webinar presents Zero to Three's research findings about grandparents, highlights work with grandparents from a collaboration of two Family Resource Centers, and shares resources available for multigenerational families and the professionals who support them.


  • Rebecca Parlakian, Zero to Three

  • Wendy Hill, The River Center Family & Community Resource Center, New Hampshire

  • Carol Lunan, The Grapevine Family & Community Resource Center, New Hampshire

September 4, 2019

Family Resource Center Virtual Tour

Webinar Link • Materials Link

This virtual visit to the Jennie Mose Family Resource Center in upstate New York is led by a staff member and a parent leader. Especially if you have not yet had the opportunity to see a FRC in person, this webinar will give you a sense of that experience.


  • Krys Watkins, Coordinator, Jennie Mose Family Resource Center, NY

  • Heather Balch, Parent Leader, Jennie Mose Family Resource Center, NY

Jennie Mose Sign.jpg

April 10, 2019

Exploring Family Resource Centers in Unique Setting

Webinar Link • Materials Link

This webinar highlights several unique examples of FRCs, including a mobile FRC, a school-based FRC serving the Native American community, and a prison-based FRC


  • Faviola Alderete, Eagle County Public Health & Environment, Colorado

  • Cindy Janechek, Indian Community School Family Resource Center, Wisconsin

  • Kristina Toth, Family Connections Center - New Hampshire Department of Corrections


March 20, 2019

What Impact do Family Resource Centers Have on Community Levels of Child Maltreatment Investigations?

Webinar Link • Materials Link

​This webinar provides an overview of the network of Family Support Centers developed by the Department of Human Services in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania and shares the findings from a Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago report that found that neighborhoods with Centers had a 26% lower rate of child abuse and neglect investigations than similar neighborhoods without them.


  • Bridgette Lery, San Francisco Human Services Agency and Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago 

  • Amy Malen, Allegheny County Department of Human Services

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November 16, 2016

Developing and Evaluating a Coordinated Family Resource Center System in San Francisco

Webinar Link • Materials Link

This webinar provides information on how San Francisco established a collaborative funding model for FRCs across three departments, engaged community stakeholders to develop sustainable partnerships, and included services that are diverse and responsive measured in a comprehensive evaluation framework that best reflects the richness of FRC work.


  • Shelli Rawlings-Fein, Family Support Program Officer, First 5 San Francisco 

  • Theresa Zighera, Evaluation Officer, First 5 San Francisco