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FRC Development Consultant

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Lisa Morrell joined the National Family Support Network in 2023.  She is a social worker with a passion for strengthening families. Her expertise lies in the development and implementation of Family Resource Centers (FRCs) and networks with 18 years as a County-based early childhood funder in California.

Lisa has supported FRCs and networks through every stage of development and major transitions. She is competent in conducting needs assessments, collaborating with stakeholders such as community leaders, social service agencies, educators, healthcare providers, and parents to design programs that address the needs of families with young children, including fathers, underserved populations, and promoting civic engagement, and parent leadership. Lisa’s extensive knowledge of FRC operations, planning, core programming, evaluation, and facilities round out her expertise. She is also a proficient trainer and certified coach offering professional staff development opportunities that align with the NFSN Standards of Quality.

Lisa earned a Masters degree in Social Work from Columbia University focusing on International Social Welfare and Services to Immigrants and Refugees. Lisa likes to travel and is an avid fan of live music.

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