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Standards Trainer

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LaKesha Ross

LaKesha Ross, born and raised in Dalton, Georgia, has immersed herself in non-profit work for over a decade. From volunteering to directing, she has gained a wealth of knowledge that she brings to organizations today. A devoted mother of two, her passion lies in supporting families to find success by leveraging their strengths.

She graduated from Jacksonville State University in 2014 with a B.A. in Social Work and holds an MSW from Troy University with a concentration in Organizational Leadership. She has successfully developed programs, including launching a multi-county AmeriCorps program and implementing a statewide workforce development initiative for the Alabama Network of Family Resource Centers.
As Executive Director of Elmore County Family Resource Center in Wetumpka, Alabama, she launched the first Hispanic parent leadership committee in the local community. She also bridged the gap between families and resources by developing a partnership between the FRC and the local school system.
She co-owns Janee's Business Essentials, a community-oriented financial establishment focused on guiding community members to achieve their business aspirations.


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